Podcast – Genesis 17

Hump Daaaaaay.  Yes, it’s Wednesday.  It’s that sad day when we all realize that we have half a week left before we hit the weekend, and we all mourn collectively on the way to work.  But look on the bright side!  There’s another podcast episode available!  Wooo!

Anyway, in this chapter God doubles down on His promise to Abraham (name change!) and Sarah (also name change!) to make their descendants into a nation, and He also restates His promise to give Ishmael a similar blessing as well.  So blessings are doled out all around.  Also, that circumcision thing is introduced into the Bible in this chapter.  I’m sure Abraham and Ishmael would have preferred that God choose funny hats instead of circumcision, but they go along with it anyway, because that’s what God had chosen to be the physical sign of being part of His covenant with Abraham.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the next episode!  There’s some interesting stuff in the next chapter, and I’m not giving anything away here, so you’d just have to listen to tomorrow’s recording to find out what happens.  You could also just read your Bible.  In any case, see you tomorrow.

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