Podcast – Genesis 16

Hello again, people of the Internet.  Welcome back to another episode of the Bible Reading Podcast.  Today we’re looking at one of the soap-opera chapters in Abram’s life.  It’s got jealousy and betrayal and hubris, but it’s also got mercy and grace and forgiveness too!  In this chapter we meet someone named Ishmael as well, who eventually becomes the father of the Arab nations, so there’s a historical element going on here as well.

One of my favorite parts about this chapter is that God doesn’t hold it against Ishmael that his parents were foolish.  Ishmael has nothing to do with the promise God made to Abram, and he’s not part of the story that God is trying to tell with Israel, yet God decides to bless him anyway.  Why?  Because God is good!

Tomorrow we’ll be getting into God’s reset for what Abram and Sarai have done.  God’s going to reaffirm His plan to Abram and make it abundantly clear that he doesn’t need Abram trying to do it himself.   It ought to be pretty interesting, so check back here tomorrow for the next episode.

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