Podcast – Genesis 45

Welcome back podcast fans!  Today’s chapter is the continuation of the cliffhanger story that we left off from in chapter 44 when we were wondering if Joseph would indeed make his brothers go home without Benjamin.  Would Jacob survive the shock?  Would Judah really go through with it?  Who knows!?

Turns out, Joseph couldn’t hold out any longer and he told his brothers the whole thing.  I suspect he had wanted to spill the beans the whole time, but he just had to know if they had changed or if they were still the same people he had grown up with.

There’s another issue at work here that’s very interesting to me and that’s the notion that sometimes God does things with our disobedience that end up being to our benefit in the end.  Notice that God doesn’t reward the brothers for the way they dealt with Joseph.  God does forgive them on the basis of grace, which was to be paid for later by Christ, but rather God does wait for them to take responsibility for their sin.  So, it’s not that God winks at what we do, it’s that sometimes God has better things waiting for us in the wings after we come clean.  Grace is pretty cool, right?

Thats all for now.  See you next time!

Podcast – Genesis 44

Welcome back!  Today we’re looking at one of the most tense moments in Joseph’s story.  I love where the chapter divide falls between Genesis 44 and 55, because it’s such a cliffhanger moment.  Since it’s so well set up for me, I might as well go ahead and use it to make you all come back for the next episode to find out what happens right?  Or, alternatively, you could just see for yourself in the Bible, right?

Again in this chapter we see the changes that have happened in the life of Judah.  This guy has a very different character than he has displayed in previous chapters and episodes of his life, which is interesting to me.  This is interesting because Judah hasn’t really been the main player in much of what’s happened.  He’s never been the good guy in any of the material that we have covered, so we haven’t seen much of the process of change in his life, yet here we are presented with the results.  I think there is a good lesson in this.  God isn’t going to give us an outline of how and when and in what order He will do what He does.  He just does it and we see the results.  It’s better for us to get to know Him better than it is for us to try to understand the outline and the process.  We like to think that if we know the process that we have some control over the outcomes, but we don’t.  Better to know and trust the One who does.

Podcast – Genesis 43

Hello again, and welcome back!  So, it turns out my plans to do three recordings last week didn’t work out… That’s life! Wednesday ended up being such a bad day that it took out part of Thursday on the way down, so this week I will hopefully be able to get back on my planned schedule.

Anyway, back to the Bible.  This chapter is interesting to me because of the changes we finally see in Judah.  This guy has been a bad, bad guy in previous chapters, but here he’s taking responsibility and doing the right thing for his family.  When all of the brothers thought that they would be made into slaves, instead of trying to fight or trick their way out they told the truth.  That’s behavior that we really haven’t seen from Joseph’s brothers very much in previous chapters.

The reason this is so interesting to me again has to do with the parallels between Joseph and Jesus, and the story of Joseph as a precursor to the story of the Gospel.  If Joseph foreshadows Jesus, the Judah foreshadows believers, and if God would turn Judah from the sort of person he was into the man we see in this chapter, then God would do the same with believers as well.  In the sort of world we live in with all of it’s faults and rotten places (which we have to admit that we’re responsible for in the first place…), that’s a comforting realization.  The world doesn’t have to be the way that it is.  It can be better.  It’s not through political maneuvers or legislation, though.  It’s through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we can see this accomplished.

Podcast – Genesis 42

Hello again, and welcome back!  Today’s episode is something that would be perfectly acceptable in a soap opera plot.  It’s got twists and turns and stunning revelations.  All that’s missing is a cast of unrealistically pretty people in softly lit rooms.

It can be tempting at times in this and the coming passages to assume that Joseph’s motive is revenge.  That would be the soap opera way, but this isn’t that kind of story. Remember, Joseph is foreshadowing Christ, so there will be an element of the Gospel at play here.  I think in this case that element is the test of faith.  Joseph’s father and brothers have to have faith that if they do this seeming impossible thing that is set before them instead of trying to save their own skins, then Joseph will set their brother free.  What will they do?  Will they be reunited?  Will the family fall apart?  You’ll have to either tune in tomorrow for the next episode, or else just read the next chapter yourself.

Podcast – Genesis 41

Hello again, podcast fans!  Today we finally get to read about something going well for Joseph.  He’s finally remembered in prison and he gets moved out of there and into much bigger and better things.  It’s a pretty good time in his life!

As I mentioned before in previous episodes and pointed out in today’s recording, there are a number of parallels between Joseph and Jesus.  Joseph is used as a foreshadowing character to point to the ministry of Jesus that would come in the future.  So, just as Joseph was betrayed, Jesus would be as well, and just as Joseph was raised up to save the people on Egypt, Jesus would be raised up to save the world, and just as Joseph was made a ruler over all of Egypt, Jesus would be given authority over the whole of creation by The Father.  There are more parallels, to be sure, but these are a few to get you thinking.

That’s all for me this week!  Check back in on Tuesday for another episode and have a good weekend.

Podcast – Genesis 40

Wow!  It’s been a long time since I have posted something, which was not what I intended to happen, but life is like that.  So, here we go with the next chapter of Genesis!

What I like about this chapter is that it shows that even the heroes in the Bible go through periods when disappointing things happen to them.  They are presented with moments that must have been utterly depressing,  yet God inspired their story to record only their faith.  I know Joseph wasn’t perfect, and he probably had some rough prayers in prison, but when his story gets recorded what God remembers and expresses is that Joseph trusted God even when things didn’t go his way.

And then on top of that, God eventually does something bigger than what Joseph wanted anyway!  I won’t get into that any further now, and I spoiled the story anyway in the recording for today, but it’s an important point.  When God doesn’t give us what we want, even when we want good things, it’s for a reason. We don’t always get to know that reason, but we know the One who does the reasoning and we know He is good.  That’s good enough for me.