Podcast – Genesis 44

Welcome back!  Today we’re looking at one of the most tense moments in Joseph’s story.  I love where the chapter divide falls between Genesis 44 and 55, because it’s such a cliffhanger moment.  Since it’s so well set up for me, I might as well go ahead and use it to make you all come back for the next episode to find out what happens right?  Or, alternatively, you could just see for yourself in the Bible, right?

Again in this chapter we see the changes that have happened in the life of Judah.  This guy has a very different character than he has displayed in previous chapters and episodes of his life, which is interesting to me.  This is interesting because Judah hasn’t really been the main player in much of what’s happened.  He’s never been the good guy in any of the material that we have covered, so we haven’t seen much of the process of change in his life, yet here we are presented with the results.  I think there is a good lesson in this.  God isn’t going to give us an outline of how and when and in what order He will do what He does.  He just does it and we see the results.  It’s better for us to get to know Him better than it is for us to try to understand the outline and the process.  We like to think that if we know the process that we have some control over the outcomes, but we don’t.  Better to know and trust the One who does.

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