Podcast – Genesis 42

Hello again, and welcome back!  Today’s episode is something that would be perfectly acceptable in a soap opera plot.  It’s got twists and turns and stunning revelations.  All that’s missing is a cast of unrealistically pretty people in softly lit rooms.

It can be tempting at times in this and the coming passages to assume that Joseph’s motive is revenge.  That would be the soap opera way, but this isn’t that kind of story. Remember, Joseph is foreshadowing Christ, so there will be an element of the Gospel at play here.  I think in this case that element is the test of faith.  Joseph’s father and brothers have to have faith that if they do this seeming impossible thing that is set before them instead of trying to save their own skins, then Joseph will set their brother free.  What will they do?  Will they be reunited?  Will the family fall apart?  You’ll have to either tune in tomorrow for the next episode, or else just read the next chapter yourself.

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