Podcast – Genesis 4

Hi folks!  Here’s my reading and discussion of Genesis chapter 4 in the HCSB.  There’s some interesting things in this chapter about human nature and about the apparent sophistication of the early generations of human beings.  In fact, they appear to be quite a bit more advanced than scientists would have us believe.  To me, that suggests that being made in the image of God is a bigger deal than we thing it is!

Anyway, I have a bunch of errands to do this morning before work, so I won’t say much more.  I will say though, that as I’m still new to podcasting, and as these recordings are more or less a stream of drivel taken directly from my brain without much in the way of editing, feel free to write comments about anything I might have left out, or said unclearly or “inelegantly” as the political class likes to call it.

Thanks for listening and visiting!  Check back next week for the next episode.

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