Podcast – Genesis 5

Hello again!  I’m glad to have made it to the second week of doing these morning recordings.  The thing is, I’m the sort of person who has a hard time starting good habits, so being able to pick up and keep recording on schedule after a few days off is a big deal to me.  Why isn’t it this easy to start working out and eating salad?

Another thing that I noticed yesterday is that I was actually excited at the thought of getting up in the morning to record another episode.  That’s great for my motivation, but what is funny about that is that when I listen to these recordings, I can’t STAND the way I explain things.  I mean, really, I applaud anyone who’s suffering through these!

Okay, all that aside, Genesis 5 is a pretty interesting chapter for a genealogy.  I know there are people out there who love genealogies, but I prefer the parts of the Bible where the plot is advancing.  This genealogy though, has some really interesting bits of the coming Bible story tucked into it, so it keeps me on my toes, which is a good thing.

See you all tomorrow for chapter 6!

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