Podcast – Genesis 38

Happy Wednesday, Internet friends.  Today we’re studying a really weird chapter in Genesis, which talks about an absolutely scandalous relationship between Judah and his daughter-in-law Tamar.  It’s a crazy story, and there isn’t really anyone in it that can be considered “good” or “right” in what they do.  So, what’s the deal with this story?

I think the deal is that God uses whomever He chooses to accomplish His goals.  God turns people with ugly hearts into His people and He uses people with bad intentions to accomplish great good.  This isn’t to say that God approves of what they do.  God gives people the freedom to be evil if they want to.  Rather, it is to say that God works things out in the end so that His will is done.

Yes, this is a mysterious and often counterintuitive process.  That’s why we’re not God.

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