Podcast – Genesis 36

Hi, all.  This morning’s podcast is a short one, but I really wanted to save the introduction of Joseph for its own recording, because that’s a pretty big event.  So, what we have here today is a genealogical list of chiefs and kings descended from Jacob’s brother Esau.  This is a historical record of the beginning of the nation of Edom in ancient times, and I’m going to go out on a limb to say that sooner or later this historical record will prove to be supported by archaeological research.

This brings up something important to remember.  While it is true that most of what was written in the Bible wasn’t intended to be used as a history book, they are nonetheless historical accounts of past events and not on the same level as fairy tales.  The Bible professes to record real events, just like any other historical document, and it should be studied the same way we would treat any other historical record, and not lumped in with mythological texts.  Little by little, archaeological work is providing more and more support for the historicity of the Bible, and that’s something that doesn’t happen with myths and legends.

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