Podcast – Genesis 32

Hello again!  I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday.  I certainly did, though it did use up my podcasting time.  I guess I’ll have to plan better next year.

So in today’s chapter, there is some thanksgiving happening with Jacob, but it’s mixed with some terror and apprehension.  Jacob is on his way back to his father’s house, but he has to deal with his murderous brother before he gets there.  So, Jacob is both thankful to God for all the ways he has been blessed, as well as terrified of what’s going to happen to him when he meets the brother that he cheated.  Unsurprisingly, Jacob wrestles with God about these issues, but in his case he literally wrestles with God.

What about you?  Do you wrestle with God?  It’s perfectly okay to have issues that you can’t understand and to go to God with honest worries.  Sometimes God meets our needs in unexpected ways, but God is the definition of faithful.  That’s something we can remember the next time something keeps us up all night.

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