Podcast – Genesis 31

Hello again, and happy Tuesday.  Today we’re in a bit of a long chapter, and my voice isn’t cooperating, so please excuse me for the water and coughing breaks.

In chapter 31 things sour between Laban and Jacob.  Jacob has worked for Laban for 20 years, and in that time God has made sure to insulate Jacob from the effects of Laban’s attempts to take advantage of him.  Jacob isn’t exactly entirely saintly either, as we read in the last chapter that he had a scheme to try to influence the breeding of the flocks for his own benefit, but he hasn’t stolen from Laban or been lazy in his work.  However, Jacob and his whole family is upset with Laban’s treatment of them, and God has also called Jacob out on his promise to worship Him if He took care of Jacob, so it’s time for Jacob to go back to Isaac’s house.  Things don’t exactly go according to plan for Jacob when he tries to leave, and he has to contend with Laban again before he can get away.

What about you?  Is there someone in your life who is trying to cheat you the way Laban tried to cheat Jacob?  God might not deal with it the same way He did in Jacob’s case, but don’t think for a moment that God doesn’t see what’s going on.  You may be in that circumstance for 20 years, like Jacob was, or maybe not, but when the time is right God will make a change and will get you out.  Jacob wanted God to keep him out of any bad circumstances, but instead what God did was to get him through bad circumstances, and in the end Jacob was blessed for it.  Trust God.  He won’t let you down.

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