Podcast – Genesis 29

Good morning again!  It’s Wednesday, and we’re going through Genesis 29 and reading the story of how Jacob marries his two wives.  It involves Laban, who is a tricky customer, and who will go on to try to manipulate Jacob’s life even more in the coming chapters.  By the end of chapter 29, though, Jacob has married his sweetheart, Rachel, and also his sweetheart’s sister, Leah.  I bet that was awkward.  I also can’t help but think that Leah got the short end of the stick here, but the Lord gives her four children with Jacob, and we will read later some verses that suggest that Jacob grew to love Leah very much, so her story comes out alright in the end.

Don’t forget to tune in to tomorrow’s episode!  Chapter 30 will contain the almost ridiculous story of domestic competition between Rachel and Leah for bearing children, so it out to be a lot of fun to read. See you all tomorrow!

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