Podcast – Genesis 26

Hello again!  It’s Veteran’s Day today, and I hope everyone out there has found a way to celebrate it well.

This morning we covered Genesis 26, which is actually a pretty full chapter.  There are a lot of things going on here and a lot of movement in Isaac’s life as he deals with famine and wealth and adversity and treaties and marriages.  The main big theme, though, is that the Lord had promised to take care of Isaac, and that’s exactly what the Lord did.  It didn’t mean that the Lord shielded Isaac from adversity.  In fact, it seems like the Lord used adversity in Isaac’s life to accomplish particular goals.

Did you know that the Lord has promised to take care of you too?  The Lord loved the whole world enough to send Jesus to die for it even though the world rejected Him, and that means you too.  What’s more, if you have accepted Christ, you have become a member of the family of God.  It’s true!  Read Romans and check it out for yourself.  If God loved you enough to die for you while you were still His enemy, how much more do you think He watches out for you now that you’re part of the family? Yes, we still have adversity.  The Lord uses it for specific reasons to get things done with us that need to be done, but it’s not our destiny.  If you get nothing else out of the podcast today, at least remember that.

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