Podcast – Genesis 25

Welcome back, Internet friends!  This morning I’m reading in Genesis 25 about the transition between the story of Abraham to the story if Isaac and his family.  There are a few interesting pieces of information here about the way Abraham finished his walk with God, and then the story shifts to his kids.  I think the way that Isaac and Ishmael were able to reconcile with each other to bury their dad is a nice moment.  They hadn’t gotten along earlier in life, but they can lay that aside for the sake of their family.

And speaking of family, this chapter also deals a bit with the root of the dysfunction in Isaac’s family about the treatment of their kids.  Jacob and Esau are going to have a rough time with each other for a while!  This brings up one of the great things about the Bible that I really appreciate, which is that the Bible doesn’t whitewash the characters and pretend that everyone is perfect. The Bible doesn’t hold back the fact that Abraham had concubines, and that Isaac and Rebekah didn’t treat their kids equally, and that Jacob and Esau could be really awful sometimes.  We need to know things like this, because we need to be able to relate to real people who were saved by God for their faith, not for their perfect lives.

That’s all for me this morning.  Check back tomorrow for another episode, and don’t forget to look me up on the iTunes store if that’s how you manage your podcasts.

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