Podcast – Genesis 24

Welcome back!   This morning we’re covering the chapter where Abraham sends his servant out to find a bride for his son Isaac.  Abraham is adamant that the girl come from his extended family, since he knows they are worshippers of God, and that his son stay in Canaan, since that is where God wanted the to be.  As it happens, everything works out for the servant, and he find exactly who he’s looking for in Rebekah, and he makes his way back to bring her to Isaac.

An interesting thing about this chapter that I didn’t get into in the recording is that it is also in a way talking about the church being the bride of Christ.  Just as Isaac is the son of the promise made to Abraham, Jesus is the son of God promised to the world to take away sin.  Just as Rebekah is pure and chaste, the church is purified by the blood of Christ and cleansed from sin.  Just as the servant gives Rebekah gifts to prove his good intentions, God gives us the Holy Spirit to prove His own intentions to one day bring the church into heaven.  There are certainly a lot of connections to be made.

So long for now.  I’ll have another episode up next Tuesday.  Please leave you comments here on this site and let me know what you think about the podcast or about the things going on in Genesis.  See you all again next week!

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