Podcast – Genesis 23

Well, today we’re covering a sad chapter in Abraham’s life.  His wife, Sarah, dies in this passage, and Abraham goes to bury her.  He arranges to buy a field with a grave, and that grave will later become the burial place for a number of Hebrew patriarchs.  I think the way the people who live with Abraham respond to his tragedy is really cool.  They all came out to support him, even though he wasn’t a part of their culture.  I think that says a lot about the way Abraham lived with his neighbors and the way we ought to live with our own.  Abraham was always seeking to resolve conflict, even when it meant that he would seem to loose something.  Is that how you live?  It’s something for us all to think about if living as a good representation of Christ is important to us.

Today’s post is a bit short, but there isn’t quite enough time for another chapter, so we’ll live with it.  Comment below about anything that stuck out in your mind in this chapter, and we’ll talk about it.

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