Podcast – Genesis 21

Hello again everyone, and welcome back for the last podcast episode for the week.  This morning in Genesis 21 it looks like Abraham’s life is turning into a soap opera.  The mothers of his two children turn on each other, and one of the kids has to go!  Oh no!  How will God work things out?  You’ll just have to listen and see, or else read your Bible.  Abraham also makes an agreement to the kind go the land he’s living in that they will live peaceable and honestly with each other in this chapter, and that’s not a bad example.  Even among people who believe differently from us, we should live in such a way that people will say that Christians make good neighbors and friends.

Again in this chapter, like in many of the ones we’ve covered so far, we read of people having to learn to trust God.  I think the reason that this theme appears so many times in the Bible (we’re just in the first book!) is that it is something that people have to learn by iteration and repetition.  We have to go through difficulty with God’s help enough times that we learn to trust Him, and that’s not something we can just pick up by reading about it.

That’s all for me this week.  Have a good weekend and check back next week for another episode.

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