Podcast – Genesis 19

Whoa! Genesis 19 is a crazy chapter.  All kinds of strange things happen in this part of the Bible.  There’s angels, crazy mobs, fire raining from heaven, and even incest!  It’s a really wacky story that illustrates how crazy things can get when we choose to live for ourselves instead of living for God.  Make no mistake, even well raised people, like Lot in this chapter, are capable of really poor decisions if they allow their moral compass to drift.

But there are some really great high points to this chapter as well.  God doesn’t give up on Lot, even though Lot has more or less forgotten God.  God is faithful enough to save Lot, even though he doesn’t seem to want to be saved at times.  That’s a great lesson to remember.  Even when we aren’t faithful, God, the definer of faithfulness, will always be faithful.  I don’t know about you, but that’s good news to me.

Check back in tomorrow for another chapter.  Also, this podcast is now available through the iTunes store here:


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