Podcast – Genesis 15

Hello again, and welcome back.  Today in Genesis 15 there is some really great stuff to read.  This chapter has Abram asking God some honest questions while dealing with a crisis of faith, and God is perfectly happy to answer them!  In this passage we also get to read the iconic verse about God accounting Abram as a righteous man on account of his faith, which becomes the basis of salvation by grace through faith in the sacrificial death of Christ on our behalf.  Cool stuff, no?

What I like most about this passage though is the way God decides that it’s all oh Him to fulfill the promise to Abram.  God doesn’t put any conditions on Abram at all.  He wants to bless Abram, so He’s going to do it no matter what, even though it should be impossible.  That’s the kind of God we worship.

Check back tomorrow for the last recording of this week.  See you then!

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