Podcast – Genesis 14

Hello internet people.  Welcome back for another episode of the Mikeblog Bible Reading podcast.  Today we’re reading and talking about Genesis 14, or rather I’m talking about it.  You can talk about it too, but you have to leave comments because no one can hear you talking to your computer unless they have hacked into your webcam, which I have not.  Promise.

Anyway, Abram battles five kings with the help of his friends and neighbors in this chapter, saves his nephew from slavery, and makes the first tithe recorded in the Bible.  There are also a lot of hard-to-pronounce names of people and places, so it’s a fun chapter all around!  It’s one of the high points in Abram’s story, and there’s a good lesson in this chapter for us to remember that our victories need to be at the hand of God, rather than at the hand of those who might exploit us.

That’s it for me for today!  Leave comments and questions that we can talk about, and check in tomorrow for the next podcast episode.

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