Podcast – Genesis 10 and 11

Welcome back!  This morning we’re trying out another Bible, the NASB, and looking at a new period of time in the historical account of the world presented in Genesis.  For your enjoyment this morning I’ve got a great map drawn by my friend Dan Kindred showing the spread of the different groups of people after the flood.  It’s color coded, so you can go through the text and try to match up the colors with different families and see who went where.

Dan Map

Also, as I mention in the recording for today, I have relatively little information about what was going on at the Tower of Babel.  I’ve read that it was a sort of new religious center for mankind to worship itself, but if you’ve got some additional information about it, feel free to leave a comment and share it with us!

That’s it for me today, check back tomorrow for the next episode.  We’re going to get into the story of Abram, who is one of my very favorite people in the Bible.

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