Podcast – Genesis 6 and 7

Welcome back!  Today’s another twofer episode with both chapters 6 and 7.  There’s a lot of repetition in this chapter, so it looks like more material then it is, but the events move quickly and the repetition emphasizes what’s going on and makes it pretty clear.  There’s some interesting stuff here!  Giants!  Angels!  Floods!  Worldwide destruction!  The world changes pretty hard in these chapters and the coming ones, as the Bible transitions to dealing with the sort of world that’s more like ours.

Some things here will be pretty familiar though!  These chapters talk about the corruption on the Earth being widespread and deeply worked into the people and societies that were living at that time.  That’s not so unfamiliar, is it?  In the end, God has to do something about it.  His holiness demands justice, and justice demands that evil be destroyed.  Luckily, that’s His job and not our job, right?

Check back tomorrow for another episode!  You probably already know how the story of the flood goes, so this isn’t really a cliff-hanger moment, but how else am I supposed to end this post?

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